Tankini is a women's swimsuit that has a top and a bikini bottom.
Tankini was introduced into beach fashion in 1990s. At first tankini was considered as an ideal solution for women who had some kind of scarring or irregularity on their upper torso. But, today it has become a beach choice for so many women without having anything to do with these reasons.This type of swimsuit today is great for teens running around the beach and girls who come to the beach to have fun and not worry about losing parts of their beach wear. You can play beach volleyball without a care in the world or you can go exercise in the sand, hang out with your friends, walk your dog.


Tankinis – Your best friend on the beach

Tankinis can make you look like a super model even though you haven’t seen the gym all season. Katherine Betts from Vogue said: "If you don't feel comfortable wearing a bikini, the tankini's an option that's sort of in between". So, if you don't have abs or you don't like showing off you belly tankini was made for you.



Tankini Types

Sometimes tankini can look much more revealing than a bikini and yet you are wearing a top. Just try on all the types out there and find the one tankini that suits you and you are ready to hit the beach. There many styles, shapes and colours you can choose from, there are even the ones with a push up bras. Also, tankini is the perfect swim wear for pregnant women.


Tankini Swimsuit

Tankini as a swimsuit is right for you if you don’t like to show of your belly, if you don’t want your belly in the sun – if you are pregnant or you have a scar you don’t want tanned. Also, tankini works for girls who have active days on the beach, not just sun tanning and swimming. Other great thing when it comes to tankini is you can swim, jump, and play beach volleyball without worrying about losing your top.


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