Monokini is a new word we use for beautiful swimsuit that covers more than a microkini but also reveals a women's figure in a way that can look great in the right setting.
Monokini combined with a great beach bag and other beach accessories can make a stunning outfit and can easily make heads turn.

You don't even have to be built like a model. That's a beauty of a monokini. It covers up your belly and it makes you look thinner exposing your curves on all the good places.
Many don't know this but monokini was at first a synonym for topless swimsuit. This was back in 1960s. Now it is a whole different story.


Monokinis - What kind are out there?

They come in many styles – triangle, Brazilian cut, halter, push up monokini. You should always take a look at all the model out there before deciding the one for you. You might just be surprised how big the change this beautiful swimsuit can bring you.



Monokini on the beach - Why do women like it?

Monokini threatens to take over the beach fashion with its popularity. Women simply can't get enough of it. It is great way to bring a style to the beach without wearing a dress. Also, it is an easy way to make your swimsuit interesting and amazing looking.


Wearing monokini - Who are the women who wear it?

All women can find this model of swimsuit appropriate to their body type. Monokini can look great on someone with curves and also on someone skinny, you just need to find the one for you.


Monokini - Can you wear it to a party?

Of course you can wear a monokini to a party. Monokini is perfect for pool parties and beach parties. If you are preparing for a fun time by the water monokini combined with a great hat, beach bag, great sandals and some beach accessories can be a perfect choice. Just be careful to always look appropriate to the occasion. You have to look as you can jump into the water at any time. Be careful not to over accessorize and not to put too much make up on. Only beach make up is an option. And, when I say beach I mean water resistant. This is a rule you have to obey even if you are sure you won't be swimming.

Monokini at the party - What colour should you chose?

If the party is at night, black monokini would be perfect. You can combine your black monokini with a big black beach hat and golden like bracelet. The beach bag that would go perfectly with this outfit would be big and colorful. Big enough for your beach towel to fit and colorful enough to represent the summer in your beach look.
Simply said, you can wear your monokini in almost every occasion that involves you need a swimsuit. You can play beach volleyball in it, you can sun tan, swim, party or just show off.

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