Microkini or microbikini is a very small bikini. So, if you like bikini you will certainly like microkini.
This type of a women swimsuit is especially revealing, so you might want to get your beach look ready before deciding to wear a microkini. It can look great on any body type as long as you like what you see in the mirror.

Microkini can sometimes look a bit too revealing so if you like your bikini very small microkini is definitely your best choice.
Microkini can be tracked back to 1970s in California, USA. The nudity got banned so it was necessary to make bikinis that cover only essentials. One bikini shop started making microkinis with modern materials to substitute the ones people made for themselves. And that's how microkini became a part of beach fashion.


Microkinis - When is a good occasion?

Microkini can be great for a beach party or at a yacht. It can look beautiful with a big beach hat and a big beach bag. You need to surround yourself with big beach accessories because you are not wearing much on your body. Be confident whether you are on heals or on flats.
Microkini is a bikini for ladieswhoknow how to wear it, and I am sure you are one of those ladies. Remember to have fun in your microkini, that's what it's all about!


Microkini on the beach - What does it say about you?

We can see all kind of beach wear on the beach. Some girls like more simple look, no beach accessories, one colour monokini or tankini, others like colourful microkinis, big beach hats, high hills.
What you chose to wear when going to the beach actually tells a story about you.


Microkini Colours - Which one is for your?

White swimsuit makes you look classy, brave, and confident.
Black swimsuit says you like classic look; you don't overthink it when it comes to going to the beach. You know black always works for you.
This also applies to other dark colours.


Bright coloured microkini talks about your confidence

The gold microkini means you are fond of luxury, you like to dominate and you always take control.
Stripes on your monokini or microkini make you look as bright and happy person. You are open and easy going.
Flowers on monokini make you look playful and cute. You are put together and shy, not very fond of attention. This also may mean you are a romantic, gentle soul.
Animal print microkini tells a story about wild and free spirited girl. You like to flirt, but you are often alone and in search for your true love.

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