Guys on the beach!

Nina Agdal Op spring

There are certain things no guy likes to see on a girl while they are on the beach. Guys think beach is the place for having fun and not another occasion for girls to get obsessed about. We all often wonder about what do guys think about our beach wear, but if we ever ask the answer is always the same - insincere. 

We asked guys what they think about what should a girl look like at the beach and this is what we found out!

Clothes on the beach – Too much clothes don't look good

Guys definitely don't like to see girls in too many anything when the point is to feel the sun and the ocean.
"It just looks all wrong" – they concluded.

Tanned skin – overdo it and you won't look pretty

Girls with over tanned look under the soon don't look that appealing to the opposite gender.
"They look like they had an accident, and I just want call the fire department" – one member of our guy focus group explained.

Make up on the beach

We did write about how bad the make-up looks on the beach and it looks like our guy friends agree: "Please, do not put your lip gloss while, it looks like your lips have melted away."

Jewellery on the beach

When you wear a lot of beach accessories as part of your beach wear, there is always a chance you might go overboard.
"Beach is not a night out, I don't really see the reason for all that bracelets and necklaces and you always lose them while swimming" – our men friends concluded.

Over obsessing on the beach

The beach is the one place we can all just not talk.
"On the beach we guys just like to relax and don't really think about anything important. The last thing we want to hear is about heavy subjects that only make us want to go home "- one of the guys we talked to made his point.


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