Beach Wear By Your Skin

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Learn how to pick the right beach wear for you based on your skin reflection.
If we want to look as best as possible on holiday, there are so many thinks we have to consider when preparing for the beach. One of those things is your skin reflection. You probably notices some colours make you look better than others – that probably due to your skin. Different reflection goes well will different colours. If you already know what colours work for you with regular cloths you should use that recipe on your beach wear too. For those who are still struggling with this issue, learn a few tricks from us and you will be set for the summer!


Skin reflection – What to wear on the beach?

When deciding on a swimsuit you really should consider your skin reflection. Sometimes girls get a beautiful beach wear for their holidays without thinking of their reflection and end up looking pale or covered in way to many intense colours. Follow couple of our advices that will make your life a bit easier when preparing for summer.


Lighter skin – Dark beach wear

If you are women of lighter skin colour you should wear beach colours like dark red or black. This way you will put your beautiful skin in the focus.
You should avoid light colours and colours like gold or beige.

Darker skin – Gold beach wear

If you have darker skin you will look great in gold and beige monokini.

Dark skin – Green and orange beach wear

The greatest colour for you is green, but also bright orange beach wear will suit you perfect. To underline your look you should avoid dark microkinis and tankinis.


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