Perfect Beachwear: How?


Perfect beachwear – is it something we only find in magazines and on holiday ads? Can we really find something beautiful to wear on the beach that will look great and perfect to us even if we are not models nor do we have a perfect body? 

Read the tips below and find out how to choose the perfect beachwear and try to make them work for you!



Beachwear for skinny girls!

If you are a skinny girl, you may want to try a colourful microkini or amonokini.
And remember colour is your best friend in beach fashion.
You are perfect formicrokini! You should try to avoid swimwearwith a lot of material, wear as little fabric on your body as possible. Also, bright summer colours are also excellent choice for you as you have a body that doesn't need to be visually downsized.
Big beach bag, big beach hat and your small microkini will be the coolest thing on the beach!
If you have a small bust, there are many push up microkinis that can help your bust to look fuller – if that's the beach look you like. Also, don't be shy to wear triangles.

Monokini - Beachwear for "not so skinny" girls!

Monokini has your name all over it! It covers you belly and shows the shape of your body in a way that makes you look slimmer. A black monokini can be a great option. You should try not to use many colours on your beachwear, no lines, no nothing; just a dark solid colour will work ideally.
Also, you can try wearing some beach shoes with hills. That will go perfectly with a beach dress or a longer cover up. You are all set, have fun!

Pregnant on the beach - Beachwear when pregnant!

Tankini was made for you. You are comfortable all the time, you can lose a part of you swimwear, you can go to toilet without having to take of you entire swimsuit.
Dark tankini or upright straight lines tankini will do the job.
Make sure you wear flats; pregnant lady on high hills just doesn't work in beach fashion. You can wear a beach dress that is long and loose. A big beach hat is essential for you to be the best looking mom to be on the beach.

How to pick beachwear made for your body type?

Follow these advices about how to make your beachwear perfect and you have nothing to be worried about.
You need to hide your flaws and highlight your best features!
You don't have to be a super model to look like a star on the beach. You can pick model and pattern of your swimsuit – monokini, microkini, tankini. You need choose carefully the model that will hide your belly, visually boost or reduce your bust or behind. Also, you have to pick wisely your beach accessories, hats, covers, sun glasses, jewellery. It is very important that your accessories go with the model of your monokini, microkini or tankini.
The conclusion is you have to know and respect your body shape.

Perfect beach wear if you have larger hips!
Your choice should be two piece swimsuit, microkini or tankini. Your bottom part should be one coloured and your top should have a print or some other feature to it so it can divert the focus to your upper body part. When it comes to the beach accessories, you can wear a big necklace for the same purpose.

Your choice for the beach wears if you have a bigger belly!
The easiest way to hide your belly is by wearing a dark colour monokini. But, if you are a fan of two piece swimsuits, make sure your top is brighter than your bottom piece. Stay away from horizontal stripes, use colours and prints. Also, deep cut bottom pieces (retro style) can be a great solution for bigger belly.

Great advices for beach wear when you have smaller bust!

If you have smaller bust you can easily deal with this by wearing a two piece swimsuit. The star of this beach wear has to be your top, use strong print patterns, colours and always use push ups.

What to do when your beach wear problem are bigger bust?

If you want to make you bust more in accordance with the rest of your body, you should wear a monokini with a good support. Your monokini may have wide suspenders. If you want to wear a two piece swimsuit let your top be darker than your bottom. It is not recommended to wear a microkini.

Shorter legs on the beach!

When going to the beach you can easily make your legs look longer by vertical stripes and deeper bottom pieces. You should wear hills or widgets, and big beach hats.

How to make a bigger behind look just right on the beach?

You shouldn't wear shorts, even that is the first thing you thought of. Darker colour monokinis combined with stronger prints will distract the focus to your belly and top. If you wear two piece swimsuits avoid low cut bottoms.

When you have wider shoulders?

Focus should be on your bottom part, your waist and bust. Microkinis can be perfect for you. Try to use bottom part with a print.



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