Guys on the beach!

Nina Agdal Op spring

There are certain things no guy likes to see on a girl while they are on the beach. Guys think beach is the place for having fun and not another occasion for girls to get obsessed about. We all often wonder about what do guys think about our beach wear, but if we ever ask the answer is always the same - insincere. 

We asked guys what they think about what should a girl look like at the beach and this is what we found out!

Summer Look Tips

Summer Look Tips

There a couple of great tips that can really help you with your summer look, but they don't really have much to do with looks.
The most important thing when you find yourself at the beach is to feel relaxed and happy – most people go to beach to have a good time, relax, feel the sun, etc. So, if you look like you are heading into an important meeting, you might just scare people away.
Nobody likes to think about work when they are on the beach, except maybe people that actually work there.

Beach Wear By Your Skin
Beach Wear (Sport Illustrated magazine)

Learn how to pick the right beach wear for you based on your skin reflection.
If we want to look as best as possible on holiday, there are so many thinks we have to consider when preparing for the beach. One of those things is your skin reflection. You probably notices some colours make you look better than others – that probably due to your skin. Different reflection goes well will different colours. If you already know what colours work for you with regular cloths you should use that recipe on your beach wear too. For those who are still struggling with this issue, learn a few tricks from us and you will be set for the summer!

Cellulite: How I Lost It?

You probably read all kind of advices on the internet about how you can get rid of your cellulite. Have you tried any of them? Eventually I realized they were all pretty much the same and they all included me buying some expensive lotion or gel that was guaranteed to make my cellulite disappear. I gave up and started searching for something that I can do on my own without spending a cent. This is what I tried and what I am still practicing two years now and I am proud to say I haven't lost a cent on my cellulite for over this period of time. What a save!

Beach Wear By Zodiac!

Beach_Wear_Zodiac (Vogue Germany)

There are many ways to choose your beach wear, what swimsuit to wear, monokini, microkini or a tankini, what colour should you hat be, but if you happen to like horoscope, maybe you will wait to decide on bikini that your Zodiac sign recommends!

Perfect Beachwear: How?


Perfect beachwear – is it something we only find in magazines and on holiday ads? Can we really find something beautiful to wear on the beach that will look great and perfect to us even if we are not models nor do we have a perfect body? 

Read the tips below and find out how to choose the perfect beachwear and try to make them work for you!

Married on the Beach